Mental Health Resources

Ever felt alone? Well, you are NOT ALONE!!!

It is our mission to help empower coaches that may be struggling with any form of mental health issues, whether it be anxiety, depression, or even suicidal thoughts. We teach our athletes to be mentally strong, and so often we as coaches forget to take care of our own mental health.
As coaches we are put in a position where we are under an immense amount of pressure, and sometimes it can be very overwhelming. If you, or someone you know is currently struggling with mental health concerns, please contact emergency services and/or your primary care or mental health provider. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!

In addition, please see the resources below that may also be helpful:

Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association
Therapists in Your Area
Books & Videos

The Language of Letting Go
Start Where You Are: A Journal For Self-Exploration
Gifts of Imperfection
Can't Hurt Me
Body, Mind, Mastery
Phone Apps

Insight Timer
Additional Websites

Collegiate Sports Psychology Association
Applied Sports Psychology
Return to Inclusion
National Alliance on Mental Health