Our Mission

Highest Level was created to bring awareness, break barriers, eliminate all the stigmas surrounding the mental health of coaches, and all survivors around the world.  In the world of coaching, life can be very stressful.  There are early days, long nights, and more often than not, little time spent with family.  Although we understand this when we get into the field, it can be very hard to manage from a mental health standpoint.  In recent years, the amount of coaches that deal with depression, anxiety, stress, and other issues is alarming.

As coaches we're expected to be mentally tough and never show signs of pain or vulnerability.  In these instances, they have caused us to hide our emotions or become afraid to speak up or get help.

At Highest Level it is our mission to provide not only information, but be ambassadors of change when it comes to Mental Health & Lifestyle adjustment.  We will go to the ends of the earth to make sure that those stigmas are torn down in our society.  We believe that it starts with changing our own life first!  Just like they say on an airplane, "put your oxygen mask on first before you help someone else".

We must continue to provide safe spaces for those that struggle with depression, anxiety, and suicides, or suicide attempts.  The conversation must branch out into our homes, locker rooms, and weight rooms.  We must create an environment where all coaches, athletes, friends and family can be vulnerable, open, honest, and comfortable speaking out!

We believe it's time for people to take control of their own Mental Health and live the life that they've always wanted.

Highest Level is not just a clothing brand.  IT'S A MOVEMENT!