Erie Coney Jr
-Serial Entrepreneur, Managing Partner of Gemeaux, Managing Partner of Coney Distribution LLC

To me, Jeff is so much more than a businessman, or strength coach, and so much closer than a friend. Over the last two decades, I have watched him grow from a small-town college student in Pennsylvania to a proud father of two wanting to be the best role model possible for his children. The passion he has for his career is only matched by the love he has for his family and friends, which I have experienced first-hand. Jeff stood by my side through one of the darkest moments in my life and never wavered in his support and encouragement. He inspired me to keep pushing through the hard times and reassured me he would be beside me every step of the way, and for this, he will always have a special place in my heart.

Ali Malone
-CEO Malone Travel Services, Managing Partner of 703to757 Distribution LLC

Meeting Jeff in the summer of 2005 reporting for football camp at Lock Haven University was a life-changing event. My father and I pull up to the dorms my freshman year for football fall camp and I see this big dude standing there wearing his multi colored Oakley shades, lol. Little did I know that we would pretty much be connected at the hip for the next 4 years. Jeff being a natural born leader, that has the ability to motivate, inspire and vocalize that sentiment to individuals is something that puts him above others. The words “Aight One More” or “We’re Not Done Yet” will forever live in my soul. Seeing Jeff at the lowest of lows and highest of highs has allowed me to appreciate and admire the father, friend, and God fearing man that he has matured into today. Seeing the way he grinded through that adversity and continued to push the needle for success in his professional and personal life in general, has been truly remarkable, and I am extremely proud of him!

Cameron Humpheries
-President of: Haven Mgmt Inc. Lock Mgmt. Inc Passion Arrow Inc. Forte Belleza LLC.

I’ve known Jeff Eaton since the Fall of 2006. I remember the first time I met him at Lock Haven University with his mirror reflected Oakleys on and super high energy. I just remember saying to myself, man this guy has so much energy that he has to be on something haha. But what I quickly realized was that he was on cloud 9 of life. Jeff has always been a person that lives in the moment and embraces it good or bad. He’s someone that’s hard working and puts their all into everything they do. When Jeff commits himself to something he allows his imagination to take off and before you know it his passion and creativity take over. One of the principles that I have noticed in Jeff that has made him so successful in life is he doesn’t accept failure. He’s heard the word no or not now so many times and broken through that wall that he only knows how he’s going to turn it into a yes. So if you are looking for 110% of someone that’s going to deliver he’s your guy.

Devin Sims
-Cost Accountant Magnode Corporation

I first met Jeff my freshman year in college, at Lock Haven University. He was the captain of our football team. Straight out the gate Jeff encouraged the very best out of everyone here interacted with. From jump street he's always been one to seize the day. He lives and breathes excellence and perseverance. While most people wake up and think of what they're going to wear to work, Jeff thinks of who can he have an effect on. He's the embodiment of being a positive impact. I assure you he will always find a way to the desired results. "Quit" , and the phrase "I can't do it" aren't even in his vocabulary. He will never disappoint and he will never leave you alone. Eaton strong 4L